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What to do with unused caulking?

Ever wonder what can keep that open tube of unused caulk from going bad?

We use caulking all the time for painting, putting in doors, and around window/door openings. This sometimes leads to us having numerous open tubes of caulking. We have used many different methods over the years trying to seal these tubes for reuse. These methods have failed many times and we end up with dried out half used tubes.

We have tried the old , I got duct tape it will seal anything method and end up having a solid silicone stick. We have also tried putting a nail into the end of the tube and wrap electrical tape around it, again fail.

We have try creating a cap with a wire nut and even though it works for very short periods like a day or two. It never last a long time without drying up to its unusable form.

Recently we discovered a product that not only seals the tube of caulking but actually keeps that open tube of caulking usable for a few months.

This product allows us to save those open tubes and enables them to be used for a longer period of time. This in turn, let's us save money. Then, we can pass that savings on to our customers.

A Airtite has a product that has fixed this problem and has saved us money on numerous occasions.

We have included a link to this product to help you see fot yourself. As always with the links we include we might get a small commission if you purchase one of these products. Until next time, live, love and laugh and fix something.

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