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Handyman vs Contractor

Some might think this is an obvious thing, but just like everything else it’s not. A handyman or handy person can be many different types of people. They can be a electrician, heating and air person, a plumber, a jack of all trades or like me a carpenter. We come from all different walks of life and a wide range of occupations. Some are more qualified then others and that can go for either side of the coin ( handyman/contractor). A proven record and references can help you and the handyman you are looking to hire. In many areas a handyman is limited in the amount of money or size of project they can do. Does this mean a handyman company can’t do your projects? Well that’s a loaded question. Many handyman companies work by hourly rates and some supply materials this is an option you can discuss with your handyman and determined what is best for both of you. There is usually an agreement of some kind and a price that is agreed upon and the project is completed in a timely manner that both parties are happy with.

A contractor is just what the name implies. Contract.. or, they deal in contracts. They are licensed by the state to do work that fall into their license limit. This varies from classes and they are as follows. Class A is the top they can issue contracts on large scale worth big money. It is followed by Class B and C with each one dropping in the amount of the contract they can have. In many cases through my 37 years in residential construction a lot of these contractors have not actually been a carpenter or even used tools but have worked around a construction company to get experience to be able to take the test for a license. That being said there are many that are highly qualified and have worked all their lives in and around the trade.

There can be many things that are the same about a handyman and a contractor, but in the long run it is totally up to you which one you use. My only advice is to do your homework, talk to people they have done work for and look at their work, their reviews to make your decision.

Until next time stay blessed.


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